Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Timber Fallers Tool Kit Off-grid Homestead Project Wranglerstar

Here are a few of the tools I use when falling timber. Fist off is a proper first aid kit designed around chainsaw injury. My fallers belt contains a good swiss fille to sharpen my Stihl MS 441 Magnum chain saw, three wedges, 1 chainsaw tool, a spencer loggers reel tape for measuring logs, leather timber fallers pouch, and a sturdy leather belt. The axe I am using is made by granfors bruks the model is a small forest axe. I keep it sheathed in an aluminum wild land fire style sheath made by grizzly Ind. in Idaho. The stihl stump vise is very handy for sharpening my Stihl Chainsaws in the field. Good boots like White smoke jumpers or wesco are also a must.

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