Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting Off The Grid "Trees To Timber" Wranglerstar

I recently purchased a MK lll Alaskan chainsaw mill made by Granberg to start cutting the trees I fell last summer into usable timbers for our cabin. This is hard work however I am more that pleased with the results. The trees I am cutting are second growth Douglas fire and will make excellent beams for out timber framed cabin. ; The Granberg MK lll chainsaw mill requires the the use of a very large chainsaw. I have been using the Stihl 041 however I fell this chainsaw is a bit undersized the Stihl 066 would be a better choice. I am also using a special ripping chain I had custom ground by Dicks Logging supply in Estacada Oregon. Once the large timbers are cut I load them onto my truck with our excavator and take them home. Once Home I complete all the layout and notching for the timber frame cabin. Once all the timbers are completed I'll bring them back up to our Off-grid homestead project site and start the assembly. Wish me Luck.


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